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   Date lost or found: 1/1/21 Date Posted on Website: 2/24/21

   Description of the item: Large Christmas Tree Ornament

    Picture of the item if available:

   Was item lost or found:  Found

   Contact person: Ross DeMaris

   Contact phone number: 610-960-1582

Date: 02/17/21

From: our neighbor at 306 Gosling.

Please forward to the community, thanks.

The wind storm before the major snow, I discovered a piece of what appears to be light grey siding (or a dirty white) in the English garden behind Gosling, Summit and Whitall. The piece is about 36 inches long and and 8 or 9 inches wide.  It is on on my front patio at 306 Gosling, if the homeowner wants to get it.